What are the criteria for choosing a VR helmet

What are the criteria for choosing a VR helmet.

The long-awaited era of virtual games, for science fiction writers of the past, has come, the entry into which is determined by the presence of a VR helmet. In recent years, the gaming industry as a whole has received a significant impetus into the future, and this can be judged by the increase in the performance of video cards, and by the technologies that are used to create very photo-realistic games, and by the growth of stock prices in the video game industry … But the main thing is the progress of gaming industry is reflected in VR technologies VR SHOOTING , which are becoming more advanced on the one hand and more accessible on the other.

Naturally, buying a helmet assumes that you already have, albeit not top-end, but close to the real requirements of the filling in the computer, and the main point is the video card.

Well, if you decide to join the VR community, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with the criteria for choosing VR helmets, so as not to regret the amount spent later.

Gaming helmet — for gaming, versatile gaming — for work

A universal helmet is a kind of multifunctional device with which you can not only play games, but also work with certain software, enjoy watching a movie, etc.

If you choose a helmet purely for games, you have the opportunity to save on your purchase by purchasing a purely gaming helmet.

Sound in VR headsets

Do not forget that immersion in the virtual world will depend not only on the final picture quality, but also on the soundtrack, which should be at a high level.

A number of manufacturers save on sound, and the decision of such brands, although it tempts newcomers with the price, ultimately makes them think about buying more expensive models, which, in addition to the picture, can provide the player with a realistic soundtrack.

Picture in VR headsets and viewing angle

It is worth starting with numbers: the viewing angle of the human eye is 160 degrees, and the closer the helmet’s VR value is to this number, the more realistic the picture will be for the player’s brain.

The most advanced VR headsets will display a picture with a 110 degree angle, which is enough for «immersion». But when choosing a helmet, you should take into account that many budget solutions still produce a picture of 45 degrees, and besides the price, you need to pay close attention to the viewing angle of the model you are interested in.

Motion sensors in VR helmets

VR games are based on active interaction with the player through sensors: the accelerometer and gyroscope are the basis for determining the player’s current body movements by the game.

The norm is the presence of a package consisting of a vest (for tracking body position), a front camera (for tracking movement), a hand controller (for interacting with objects of the virtual world). More expensive solutions also assume the presence of a base station, which is installed indoors, and allows using sensors to collect additional information, which gives the software part more accurate information about all the player’s movements.

In a word, the more sensors there are, the more “accurate” the gameplay becomes.

Wireless and wired VR helmets

The best solutions in the VR gaming industry will, of course, offer maximum player freedom through wireless technologies. If there is no money for top solutions, you will have to choose a wired helmet option, and in this case it is extremely important to pay attention to the length of the wires. The longer the wires are, the more freedom of movement the player will get.

VR headset weight

The human body is designed in such a way that the additional load is tolerated without problems for a short period of time. This means that the more the helmet weighs, the closer the moment of appearance of discomfort associated with its use, and the sooner you will want to interrupt the game.

When choosing a helmet, consider also the weight of the device, which should be as small as possible.

Dizziness and VR headset

Beginners should be aware that at the beginning of use, symptoms of seasickness may be observed. The intensity of these symptoms will depend on the model as well. Therefore, it would be highly desirable to assess the impact of a particular model of a helmet on your body especially, and in particular on the vestibular apparatus, which is responsible for these sensations.

Having familiarized yourself with all the criteria for choosing a helmet, and, if possible, having tested it on yourself before buying, you can safely go surf the vastness of virtual games, of which there are more and more every day!

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